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To obtain an accurate quotation for water tank cleaning please fill out as many of the sections as possible and include as many details as you can.  As we have huge experience we tend not to send engineers to survey tanks unless there are a large number or complex circumstances.  Bear in mind that any company that spends time surveying a job will add this into the quotation and by asking the relevant questions we can prevent this and pass on the savings to the client

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A simplex tank is one large section and there will be disruption to the water during cleaning.  Duplex tanks have 2 sections where one can be cleaned whilst the other remains live, thus there is no water supply disruption.  When cleaning simplex tanks it is important to schedule the work and give prior notice of supply interruptions.

For health and safety reasons our staff require good safe access to the tanks.  Lofts must be boarded for example and have adequate work area around the tank for the staff members and tools such as wet vacuum.  Please provide a short description below.

Our operatives require access into the tank in order to fully clean walls and wet vacuum debris from the tank.  Things like height restrictions and pipe work can obstruct the access.  Please briefly describe access below.

We utilise high volume discharge pumps to empty the tanks.  As such we need adequate drainage either to drains or to external areas that will cope with the amounts of water present.  We can provide long hoses if required.  Please detail below drainage availability and distance from tanks.

If water supply is to be disrupted the work may need to be completed out of normal Monday-Friday working hours.  Please note below any such restrictions.

The size of the incoming ball valve directly relates to the amount of time taken to refill the tanks and as such the duration of downtime.  There is generally a stamp on the pipe fittings giving a size.

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