New Installations

New Water Installation

New water installation

New water system installations can be contaminated with many and varied contaminants and require thorough flushing and disinfection to ensure that systems are clean and safe for use prior to handover.

Flux, debris, dust, scale and general building debris can all find its way into pipework during the installation phase.

Bacteria from pest and vermin can also be an issue and can cause significant health risks if not properly treated.  This process is particularly important where drinking water outlets are present.

Lack of flushing or poor chlorination technique can also result in rapid corrosion and pin hole leaking of new copper installations so it is important to get this phase right.

Water Hygiene Solutions can perform a full system flush, chlorination and where necessary, microbiological sampling of systems to ensure that on handover the system is clean and safe to be used.  Through the use of specialist chlorination equipment and highly accurate chemical testing photometers we are able to prove not only that the system cleaning has not only met the British Standard (BS8558:2011) but that all chemical has been removed from the system and the water is now safe for human consumption.

Water Hygiene Solutions can provide flushing and disinfection services for all sizes of new installations from small single domestic type properties up to large multi-bedroom hotels and nursing homes etc.  Call one of our experienced team to discuss your requirements.