Hygiene Meter For Fast Chlorination Results

When working on very time sensitive jobs it is important that results come back clear.  In the event of significant contamination of the pipe or poor supply water conditions results can fail and require a re-chlorination, something that can be very difficult or can lead to huge problems on site.

As bacteria are generally too small to be seen it is not until samples have been processed through the laboratory and bacteria have grown that problems can be discovered, often at least 48 hours after chlorination.

As such Water Hygiene Solutions have invested in ATP hygiene meters to give an indication of the quality of the water instantly.  This measures the presence of ATP (the energy molecule in all living cells) and gives an idea of the amount of biological contamination of the water.

Whilst it is not a substitute for Laboratory tests it does give a very fast indication of chlorination results and any significant problems, allowing remedial actions to be taken immediately and cleaner samples obtained.

Ideally results should be zero.

Instant results are often important on time sensitive events.

Instant results are often important on time sensitive events.