Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning and chlorination is an important part of water hygiene. Whether a small domestic type water storage tank feeding a small water heater or a large water reservoir feeding many properties the fundamentals are the same, clean tanks mean clean water.

Over time water storage tanks gather debris, dirt and biofilms that ultimately affect the water quality and can harbour such bacteria as E. coli and Legionella. Water Hygiene Solutions Ltd are a specialist water tank cleaning contractor capable of cleaning any size of type of tank from small single piece moulded plastic tanks such as those found in lofts to large concrete supply reservoirs.

All staff are fully trained to carry out the work, all holding the National Water Hygiene Card, and staff adhere to strict health and safety procedures such as confined space working. Using specialist equipment used only for potable water applications and with full water tank cleaning certificates, including photographs, provided at the time of cleaning you can ensure water quality remains perfect.

Industrial water storage tank cleaning often presents additional problems due to access restrictions, tank condition and working environment. We are able to provide safe solutions to allow us to properly clean these process tanks, whilst observing issues such as Legionella and confined space working.

We are also able to provide chlorination of new water tank installations and can provide full water down service chlorination to ensure complete control of problems such as Legionella or potable water contamination.

After the water tank cleaning we provide a detailed chlorination certificate and we can provide extensive water testing services through a UKAS certified laboratory to give confidence in the cleanliness of water system. The managing director is qualified to PhD level in microbiology and is on hand to provide high level technical support in the event of water hygiene problem.

We work nationwide so call us today for FREE to discuss your requirements with one of our trained staff and obtain a no obligation quote for your water tank cleaning needs.