Boosted Mains Tanks

Boosted Main Tank

Boosted drinking water main.

Boosted mains tanks are used to provide peak demand drinking water in areas where mains pressure or flow rates can be low.

Generally all outlets within a building will be fed via the boosted mains tank including all drinking water outlets.  As such it is vital that tanks are regularly cleaned to maintain water quality.

The BS8558:2011 states that cisterns (tanks) feeding drinking water outlets should be cleaned at least annually to maintain water quality.

WHS have vast experience in working on boosted mains tanks in all manner of premises from large hospital systems to individual homes.  As all our operatives have EUSR Water Hygiene Cards and are experienced in working on mains drinking water installations you can be assured of a high degree of cleanliness and understanding of the implications of contaminating a drinking water supply.

We also utilise separate equipment and work wear for the cleaning of water tanks to ensure no cross contamination can occur between drinking water systems and process systems.

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